June 11, 2010


Exciting news everyone!

I have been cast in the University of Utah's upcoming production of "Hay Fever" where I will be playing the role of Richard Greatham. If you recall my previous post The Joys of Casting I recount my experience waiting for the casting decision to be made. Well my patience has paid off and I shall return to the stage this fall.

However that's not all I'll be doing for the show. I'm also a proud recipient of the Theatre Department's Margetts Scholarship which pays me to create a dramaturgical packet for a University show. Therefore I will be researching everything possible for this delightful sitting room comedy and get credited in the program as an actor and as Dramaturg.

This is the sort of theatre that excites me. The sort where I'm not limited to my one role but instead getting my hands dirty in all aspects of the show. My good friend Christine Moore is the stage manager so perhaps I can turn a few wrenches as well!

"Hay Fever" runs November 5-7 and November 10-14, come support me in both my jobs as well as a fantastic cast and crew. See you there!

June 6, 2010

First Paid Film Gig

Due to the agreement I signed I can't talk about the content of the film I helped produce.


I can tell you that I was working once again with John Corser, you may remember him from my accounts of the FilmUtah Launch Party. His company was contracted to make a very awesome video that we shot on the stage at Ron Hill Imagery using their huge grip/lighting package in addition to their Red camera!

Everything about this shoot was pro. The director was flown in from LA and the small crew we had were the best in Utah. I had a wonderful time working with John's company and I hope I get the opportunity to do it again.

I wish I could say more but my Non-Disclosure Agreement prohibits me from saying anything about the film itself. I just wanted everyone to know what a great experience it was working on a real film set for the first time....awesome!