December 27, 2011

Acting with Dan

My close friend Dan Beecher, who played Bottom in this summer's production of Midsummer, wrote and directed a short film!

We shot for one day and after experiencing nearly every hiccup known to film shoots we finally got everything squared away and looking great.

The story follows two girls at a restaurant recounting their experiences with desirable men. We also had the honor of being photographed by my favorite camera crew, thanks Al Vallo and Erin Cole. I'll post the video when it's finished! Until then check out a few pics.

December 14, 2011

Sign Heist and Apple FCP Certification!

Thanks to Apple Trainer and fellow filmmaker Connie Wilkerson, I'm now Final Cut Pro certified! Connie taught an editing class at the University of Utah the past semester and lucky for me her final test is also the Apple Level 1 Certification exam.
From Plugs
To celebrate, and to submit for a final project in the class, I made this short video using as much of my newly acquired FCP knowledge as possible.

My close friends Jeff Black and Stuart Ford play two mastermind hackers on the greatest challenge of their lives. This was shot in 2 hours with me on the camera (Panasonic GH2) and Topher Rasmussen on sound (A boom mounted Rode VideoMic Pro). Special thanks to Keir Schmidt for the soundtrack.