February 15, 2010

FilmUtah Launch Party

In August I got an email that announced the arrival of an upstart film industry magazine unique to the state of Utah. Being a poor student I couldn't afford the advertising rates but I did reply to the email with a request to intern for the company. My request was heeded and I became: Connor Rickman, The Enthusiastic FilmUtah intern.

Since my volunteer efforts with the company began I have been involved in selling ad space, brainstorming ideas for the future of the company and assisting with the events hosted by the organization.

My crowning achievement, however, was the article I wrote about film schools for the premiere issue.

From Plugs
If you can't read the article from the picture above, you may use the link below to see the whole magazine. Then look for the page that looks like the picture.


The official launch party was at the 3D lounge on Main Street in Park City during Sundance. The music was playing, the tequila was flowing and the picture on the TV's were all jumping out at you. Everyone who's anyone (and a lot of people who are no one) came to the party to mingle with Utah's film industry professionals. Over the course of the night I met several directors, talent managers, producers, costume designers and a lot of aspiring actors. If there's anything of which Utah has a surplus, it is aspiring actors.

From Plugs

This is the only picture I have from the whole night and it's impossibly small. Use your imagination to see how much fun I'm having. The people from left to right are: Jim Heiner, Victor Rickman, Connor Rickman, Sarah Young, Colin McDermott and Katie Stazskow.

I managed to keep working the whole night and only got sidetracked a couple of times to talk to important people and get myself into trouble with the local talent. I should be an intern for everything because if the parties are this good, there's no way I could be unhappy.

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