July 18, 2011

Updates to my IMDB page

It's been a while since any real updates but here's a quick rundown of what I've been up to.

-Wrapped "War of the Worlds," my Theatre BA Thesis, which was a great success! We sold out the show in the first 10 minutes and had to pack people in as they came!

-Visited my close friend Gillian Merrill and her family in New York City to see her Off-Broadway debut in "Damn Actors" a new musical comedy. She was quite excellent!

-Was hired to film a dance performance for Salt Lake City Ballet. Their production included the dream scene from "Don Quixote" which was the same ballet that launched my mother's career. It was the first I've seen of it, but I thought it was rather good.

-Worked as Assistant Camera (1st and 2nd depending on the day) on a short film called "A Chair is a Chair" with RIOTentertainment. The film was commissioned as part of the multimedia gallery at The Leonardo in downtown SLC. It will play in the gallery for a year from the museum's opening. Margaret King, DP for "Ten," was my cam-op and got me involved.

-Worked as an assistant teacher at Youth Theatre at the U for my 4th summer in a row. I taught a bunch of kids to dance some bro moves to a Ke$ha soundtrack! I also won "Best Choreography" according to the office assistants at YTU.

-Worked on a commercial shot by Spitfire Studios out of Atlanta. Just a quick 1 day PA job but I got to hold a bounce board and watch a Red One move up and down on a Supertechnocrane!

-Got promoted at YTU. I'm currently in charge of my own company which is nothing but 14-18 year old girls. We're doing an all female Fosse review. Shelby Andersen is my wonderful asst. teacher on this experiment. I'm also teaching 2 sections of film production and another round of "Man Dance." It's a good balance of tasks, and I'm getting paid more!

-Shot a short film for my friend Quita's cousin Kyle. He had an idea about two people getting ready for a date displayed split screen. We shot for two quick days and I handed the footage over to Jim Heiner to edit. Expect to see some soon.

-Auditioning at SLAC for "Course 88b" for their 2011-2012 season.

-Playing Lysander in Davis Arts Council's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with Mark Fossen as the director. Sarah Young my wonderful girlfriend plays Hermia, Topher Rasmussen plays Demetrius, Rhiannon Ross plays Helena and a new friend of mine, Dan Beecher, plays Bottom. Expect to hear some more about Dan soon. He and I are up to things!

-Finally, I added my headshot and some credits to my IMDB page.

I apologize for not documenting these things sooner but I'm just about the busiest I've been in a while. Also I'm not working at the computer lab which offers me most of my blogging time. Stay tuned for more exciting Connor Rickman news. I promise it won't take as long next time :S

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