April 9, 2012

Color Grading Central

Local Utahn and color grading master Denver Riddle is giving away 3 DaVinci Resolve tutorials on his cool website colorgradingcentral.com

You can enter the contest here.

I myself have been a user of Apple Color and Magic Bullet Looks which is what I've used to grade "Wastage," "Sign Heist" and Jim Jones' "Letter to the Game." However, I would love to use DaVinci Resolve because it's really the industry standard in color grading. When you're working in this business, it never hurts to know the best! Now if I can just get the ball rolling on that Avid certification...

April 5, 2012

Vote for my picture!

I was selected as a finalist to be the face of Actorfest Philly! Please use pinterest to re-pin my image as much as you possibly can so I can go for free! Click here and then tell your friends. Look below to see my brand new picture. His eyes tell 1000 stories...

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Choice Humanitarian / Feel-Good World

Here's a small video announcement I made for a collaboration between Choice Humanitarian and Feel-Good World. Both are charities looking to put an end to global hunger, their latest effort involves awareness, dedication and grilled cheese sandwiches!

Feel Good World - Chapter Competition from Connor Rickman on Vimeo.

We shot this in my dad's kitchen and I used a combination of natural light and tungsten-balanced fluorescents to get the look I wanted. I was the only crew member so I operated the camera and operated the boom-mic as well! Thanks to Bekah Sosa, who wrote the script, I was able to plan out 4 different shots to help break up the monotony of announcing a simple message.

I'm not 100% pleased with the production value, but considering that we were under a 2 hour time crunch and I was every crew member all at once, I'm quite pleased with the results.

This was a fun project with some fun people, nothing to serious but important nonetheless. Thanks Bekah, Megan and Corin for being prepared and easy to work with. Let's do it again!