April 7, 2014

Sign Heist at Salt Lake Comedy Film Festival

This Wednesday April 9 is your chance to see Sign Heist play at the Salt Lake Comedy Film Festival, 7pm at the Broadway Centre Cinemas in Downtown Salt Lake. Tickets are $10. 

Stuart W. Ford
Jeff Black

Directed by:
Connor Rickman

Produced by:
Topher Rasmussen

Original Score by:
Keir Schmidt

Sign Heist marks my first use of the Panasonic GH2 and Magic Bullet Looks which proved to be quite an excellent combination for this film. I was originally going to grade day-for-night but decided instead to go for a more "Bourne Supremacy" look instead.

Since shooting this film I have used the GH2 for countless other projects including the LARP sizzle reel, our award winning I am Downtown contest submission, TIC and Outlaws our two city-winning 48-Hour films, AMUSIUM's Favorite Game music video and Return to Encore my favorite test of my lenses and this camera.

The GH2 has been an excellent camera and has proven itself time and again as a superior imaging tool. Some credit goes to Andrew Reid of EOSHD who helped me navigate the menus and get the best possible image out of this camera. My GH2 has now been traded for credit at Adorama so I can buy the new Panasonic GH4. It was hard to say goodbye to such a loyal companion but I am excited for what the future holds. It leaves behind a great legacy of award-winners and entertainers and paves the way to what I hope is a bright future. 

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