September 10, 2010

Back in Action - LARP Foley

Due to my facial reconstructive surgery, I haven't quite been myself lately. Actually, I haven't really had the strength to do anything but sleep and eat. But school started on August 23rd and I was forced to make myself feel somewhat better for classes.

However now I am feeling much better and today I managed to get back to work. Nick Dunn and Ehren Remal the masterminds behind the screenplay LARP are furiously working to get their film produced. I was called in to record some foley and voiceover for a small animatic made from the storyboards.

From Catch up
Ehren Remal, Nick Dunn, Katie Driscoll and Sarah Young worked as the voice talent for our small pre-production-production.

The recorded scene features the first fight sequence of the film as well as some great lines by the lead character Preston. Stay tuned for many more blog posts featuring 'LARP' as I'm now one of the Associate Producers of the film in addition to playing Lawrence the Blacksmith and acting as the 1st Camera Operator as well.

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