September 23, 2010

"Ten" - My first real film!

I've made a lot of films but I've always made them digitally. This time I decided to make something truly legit and shoot on 16mm celluloid!
The story follows a duel between gentlemen, each taking a pistol and walking ten paces to an uncertain future. It's short and simple but with only 2 minutes and 47 seconds of record time it's about the most I could do.

I have never shot on real film before. I'm currently learning how in my cinematography class but I didn't quite trust myself to do everything completely right. That's why I called in an expert, my friend Margaret King, a graduate of Chapman University's film school and a wonderful DP. I knew I had made the right choice when the first thing she did was start cleaning my lens, something I hadn't even thought of!

Margaret was so great, she even brought in her own expert, a wonderful AC named Al who could set and pull focus like no one I have ever seen.

From Catch up
Very special thanks to both of you for your help. I'm absolutely sure my ambitious plans would not have worked out if it wasn't for my wonderful camera team.

From Catch up
Another shout out to my stellar cast; Jim Heiner, Nels Jorgensen and Stuart Ford. I don't know why you guys keep helping me make movies but it certainly make it much easier when you do. I'm not sure if this film will ever be digitized due to its analog origin but if it is, I'll make sure to post it. In the meantime, I have the daunting task of editing with a razor blade and some glue. A long way off from Final Cut Pro that I promise I won't take for granted any more!

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