November 23, 2010

Some Positive Press

A wonderful gentleman wrote a letter to the editor in last Friday's issue of the Trib proclaiming his enjoyment of "Hay Fever." On behalf of the entire production staff and cast I wish to tell Mr. Hall "thank you not only for your support of the production but also for telling others of your experience." You can read his kind words below.

From Plugs

This past weekend I saw the Babcock Theatre production of Noël Coward’s play “Hay Fever.” I had never gone to the Babcock before; I thought that productions starring University of Utah theater students would be too amateurish. I only went this time because I love Coward’s songs and was curious to see a play by him, even a non-musical 1925 comedy.

Well, I was in for a surprise. The play was absolutely hilarious. The audience laughed all the way through. The student actors were excellently trained and had good comic timing. They were fresh, talented and vibrant.

While a non-student production would hire actors more approximating the ages of most of the characters, I doubt it could produce more laughs. Kudos to the cast, director Sarah Shippobotham, and the U.’s theater department and its actor training program.

I’m now going to the U.’s other plays. Next weekend at Studio 155 is “Almost, Maine,” a 2004 “comic, romantic roundelay” (according to The Wall Street Journal) about love lost, found and confounded. Can’t wait to see it. Tickets are just $6.50 — a deal for anyone on a tight entertainment budget.

Maurice Hall

Salt Lake City

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