October 17, 2011

A Chair is a Chair

In May I worked as the 2nd Assistant Camera for a short film commissioned for The Leonardo in Salt Lake City. For those of you who don't know, The Leonardo is housed in the former building of the Salt Lake Public Library and features an unprecedented amount of interactive art and media.

The film follows a chair who gains sentience and goes on a journey to find itself and discover its origin. Check out the trailer below.

Notice that handsome dock worker? That's me! Almost all of the crew got to be extras at some point. The fact that you see my face is quite unique because most of the humans in the film are shot from the waist down, so we're at chair level. However, shooting at chair level meant that myself and the rest of the camera crew were hugging the ground almost always. There were some sore knees at the end of the day.

Many thanks to Margaret King the camera operator, my close friend (and my first stage kiss!) who taught me how to be a 2nd A.C., Jason Boninger who taught me to be 1st A.C. during his absence (first time pulling focus, screwed it up a ton :S), Jeremy Neilsen the DP who affectionately named me 'Corn Dog,' and Erin Cole who became my 2nd when I became the 1st and probably did a better job than me.

Here are some behind the scenes photos.

From May 29, 2011

From May 29, 2011

From May 29, 2011
As far as I know the film should be visible in the Leonardo gallery. They just opened last week so go check it out quick!

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