January 19, 2012

Late Night Alumni

Long time collaborator Nicholas Dunn was nice enough to suggest me as a camera operator for a live concert produced by his friend Michael Burnett. Michael and Nick have worked together on several projects and are in the early stages of starting a production company. This was their first job.

Late Night Alumni is the latest project by Kaskade and features his two producers John Hancock and Finn Bjarnson as composers/performers and two lovely ladies singing.

The shoot lasted 3 days and included many rehearsals and one live show. The footage will be cut into both a concert DVD and used for music videos.

The coolest part was that our DP was Munn Powell, who shot Napoleon Dynamite, he gave me a few tips. I gave him my card :)

Keep an eye out for releases from LNA, it's a great project and the images come from my own eye.

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