February 2, 2012

The Adding Machine

Being in school has perks, like getting to work with directors you otherwise wouldn't be able to. Starting tomorrow, you have the chance to see me perform in "The Adding Machine" at the University of Utah with special guest director Jerry Rapier from Plan-B Theatre Co.

This production was a bit rushed as it was scheduled earlier in the Babcock Theater's season because of the addition of an extra show. That means that the actors and crew had only four weeks to get performance ready.

The play features a strong ensemble cast, of which I am part and more than one strong solo performance, given by some old friends of mine, namely Jeff Black who you probably know from "Sign Heist."

I can't give too much away but I will say that although the show was written in 1923, it's surprisingly timely. It follows the loss of identity one suffers after being fired, but does so in an expressionistic way. Think "Metropolis" or "Nosferatu."

The show plays Feb. 3-12 at 7:30 each night except for Monday. Free if you're a U student!

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