November 7, 2009

Believing: Staged Reading

On Thursday last, I had the honor of participating in a staged reading of Matthew Ivan Bennett's new play "Believing." The play is made up of three separate playlets, all with characters struggling with their beliefs. I played Tom, the mostly silent boyfriend to the "highly influenced" Becca. It was a great feat of acting, I had to say nothing in my mouth but everything on my face the entire length of my playlet.

Thanks to Mark Fossen the director and the rest of the cast, Sarah, Jessie, Kylie, Chris, JJ, Rhiannon and Nevin. I hadn't been on stage since March and it was a wonderful experience thanks to all of you. Special thanks to Colleen Lewis for giving us kids the opportunity in the first place.

Here are some pics, not much but they'll give you some idea of tech rehearsal.

From Believing and Dork to Dork
Sarah, Jessie and Kylie studying scripts and awaiting their part of tech.

From Believing and Dork to Dork
The Leona Wagner Blackbox, our venue.

From Believing and Dork to Dork
The Common Darkness of Tech Rehearsal.

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