November 28, 2009

The Great White West - Updated at Bottom

Semi-Foolishly, Colin McDermott and I entered the Utah Film Commission's Spot-On Commercial Contest. Being full time students with jobs and a lot of extracurricular activities doesn't constitute a recipe for success but we think we have a good chance of the prize.

Due to our idea we had to venture out beyond Tooele county to the Salt Flats, the single most requested filming location in the state of Utah. We began driving around 1:30PM and continued until we found a spot that worked. None of us really had an idea of where we were going and we were all hopeful it would all work out somehow.

Luckily it did and we got our shots and a bonus trip to Wendover. (we couldn't turn around on the interstate unless we exited, and Wendover was the closest exit to our remote location)

Here are some pictures from the shoot, courtesy of Sarah Young.

Setting up the camera.

Me, Framing the first shot.

Just before the first take.

Did I mention it was super cold? There are no geographical features for miles around and therefore nothing to block the swift desert wind. I'm just glad we only did 5 takes because we lost the sun as soon as we left which would have made it much worse.

The commercial is now finished. Check it out below. I feel it's very avant garde, as if we made something out of nothing, which we did.

Film Commission Commercial from Connor Rickman on Vimeo.

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