July 28, 2010

Producing the Neutrino Project with YTU - UPDATE

The Neutrino Project is a completely improvised, 30 minute film using 3 teams of improvisers who each produce 3 scenes of the film.

Joe Rogan of Jokyr and Jesster fame has been training our YTU students on the art of improvised filmmaking for the past 3 weeks. Meanwhile I have been training myself on the usage of Qlab software and stealing video mixers from Jared Wright in order to make this happen.

The grand equipment list includes 10 FlipVideo cameras, 4 MacBook Pro laptops, a video mixer and a projector all crammed in the balcony of Kingsbury Hall.

The show is on August 6th at 7:00pm on the Kingsbury Stage. Come support Annie, Autumn, Cate, Jaxon, Josh and Vanessa and see their improvised films wind up in the capable hands of me, your video mix-master.

From Catch up
Here's a great shot of the control surface I set up to run the show. Everything went off without a hitch, the video turned out as seamless as it could be. We managed to capture the whole thing to DV tape from the clever FireWire output from the mixer so expect it to show up on this blog very soon.

Special thanks to Stuart Ford who donated his laptop and helped me run the show as well as David Darais and Colin McDermott who also donated laptops. Another big thank you to Jen and Steve Jackson from Grey Company who donated their students to us to be used as slaves during the production process. Sorry for all the running. Finally a most heartfelt thank you to Green Company for pitching in and buying me a copy of Starcraft II so I could play it while I recovered from surgery. You guys are great!

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