July 8, 2010

48HFP 2010

From Catch up

It was a long night but super fun. I wasn't involved in the production element of this particular film but John Lunbeck, Jim Heiner and I composed most of the writing team for Effervescent Media Works' 48HFP entry for 2010.

I was playing some mini golf at Salt Lake Art Center when I got the call outlining our genre (comedy), prop (an egg), character (Ed Keegan; reporter) and line of dialogue (that's why I'm here). I promptly set down my putter and ran to the brainstorming fortress set up in Rebecca Mabey's grandparent's house.

As Jim, John and I arrived we were met with our fearless director, Brandon Wade Ho and our producer Adam Collet as well as the final member of our writing team Joey Reidhead.

Jim had somehow managed to come up with a wonderful mob-comedy while we were still in the car and although it went through a few changes we ended up using it over the other ideas presented. Way to go Jim!

The story follows a Hand Model who gets mistakenly kidnapped by the Mob and forced to tell his wife the truth about his profession. Featuring witty lines of dialogue provided by all of our sleep deprived selves the story unfolds to become the most fantastic 7 minutes of your life!

The film itself turned out very well. Here are a few stills that I stole from Adam's facebook.

From Catch up

From Catch up

From Catch up
Now for some bad news. For some reason, I'm still not sure, our team turned in the project 6 minutes late. Therefore we were unable to win any of the prizes or qualify for the national competition. Although this is upsetting, I'm still proud of the work that my writing team and I did. This is the first screenplay I've ever written that I haven't produced myself and although it turned out differently than I imagined, it wasn't any better or worse than it was in my head. Great job team! Thanks for bringing life to my words.

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